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Encore delivers.
Zero failures and no down time are what matter to us. We know we can always count on the excellent team at Encore.”

Tom White,
Work Equipment Supervisor
Montana Rail Link

Welding crew spot tie repair made easy.

The 200ml  manual applicator is designed with welding crews in mind.
The 200ml cartridge and applicator are perfect for small jobs, and easily fit in a welder's bag.
The 1:1 expanding tie plugging compound is made specifically for applicators, and provides the same holding power and density as our machine grade compound.

Light, durable and compact for welder's bags

200ml Manual Applicator

Designed exclusively for Thermite welding gangs, this compact applicator is light, durable, easy to use and portable. It is manufactured with high strength steel, and includes a rugged reusable applicator.

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1:1 Ratio Expanding Tie Plugging Compound

The most reliable, cost effective spike hole filling compound in the industry, with proven holding power.

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