Incorporate tie plugging efficiently into small gang consists.

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Track Mounted Walk Behind Tie Plugger

Designed for:

Light weight with dual gun boom, ideal for small gangs.


  • A hydraulically driven, single-axle drive system with clutch disconnected to move the machine independently of other equipment
  • Interlocking air brake/machine travel system
  • Tool and maintenance compartment locks
  • Hydraulic cooling system
  • Hydraulic material pump


  • Utilized with both rails in place
  • Holds up to 72 gallons of chemical
  • Can be towed to and from the work site
  • Dual material application guns
  • Dual gun boom with 180-degree rotation
  • 2 dispensing guns
  • Can be used with 1 or 2 operators
  • Self-propelled
  • Electrically heated product hoses
  • All components mounted on a towable frame

Available compounds for this machine.

Machine grade Tie Plugging Compound

The most reliable, cost effective spike hole filling compound in the industry. Designed for all of our tie plugging equipment that utilize modern meter-mix dispensing technology to provide a consistent quality of 35-40 pounds-per-cubic foot spike hole filling compound in both wood and composite cross ties.


  • A 1:1 ratio expanding compound that greatly reduces the amount of compound needed and reduces costs in excess of 60% as compared to 1:2 ratio compounds
  • Material density is matched to a hardwood tie @ 45-55 lbs/sq ft, and will not damage the tie, unlike competitor’s material which is harder than a wood crosstie
  • Maintains superior spike retention and track gauge as proven in the field and in independent testing
  • Can be applied in low temperatures
  • Available in 5 gallon pails and 250 gallon totes
  • The packaging of this product can be customized to meet your specific needs

Track Mounted Walk Behind Tie Plugger Specifications:

Graco double pump

  • Plate heaters for both material tanks
  • 2 Gallon capacity flush tank
  • A and B product tank strainers for pump system
  • A and B storage racks for extra material containers
  • Dual tracks for operating the machine in the same direction at all times
  • Heat cable to maintain 120-degree compound temperature in dispensing gun lines


  • Marathon 10 KW electric generator
  • 5 CFM belt driven air compressor with pressure relief
  • 14 inch rail wheel axles with handbrake on drive axle
  • 36 gallon, heated material storage tanks
  • Hatz Model #2L41C or Cummins Model # A1700 diesel engine
  • 20 gallon fuel tank
  • 2 gallon air reservoir
  • 10 GPM hydraulic pump
  • 24 gallon hydraulic reservoir
  • Machine weight approximately 4200 pounds wet
  • Manual gun flushing system with three-gallon flush reservoir