Reduce manpower for high-speed rail-seat abrasion repair.

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Steel Gang Walk Behind Epoxy Applicator

Designed for:

Quickly and safely repairs rail-seat area on concrete ties with reduced manpower requirements.


  • A single application gun
  • Precise electronically timed epoxy dispensing
  • Fifty-gallon compound storage tanks
  • Dual terrain drive
  • Two thermostatically controlled heating systems
  • Adjustable work/speed control


  • High-speed, consistent abrasion repair system
  • Capable of applying epoxy to 25-45 ties per minute
  • Requires minimal operator maintenance and cleanup
  • Easy to operate and maintain

Available compounds for this machine.

2 Part Concrete Tie High Viscosity Epoxy

Designed for quickly repairing moderate to deep concrete tie rail-seat abrasion


  • This two component product has the shortest open time of all similar repair materials on the market
  • Our faster setting epoxy allows maintenance gangs to do their work in less time using shorter track windows
  • Epoxy cure or open time is dependent upon depth of repair (film thickness required), temperature of the tie, and the temperature of the dispensed epoxy at the time of application.
  • Can be applied in low temperatures
  • Available in 5 gallon pails for both the A & B components

Steel Gang Walk Behind Epoxy Applicator Specifications:


  • Make/Model EPM2000
  • Gross Weight 6730 Pounds
  • Length 118 inches
  • Width 80 inches
  • Height 87 inches
  • Wheel Base 86 inches
  • Drive Type Dual side, speed adjustable, rubber tire terrain drive Nolan solid axle, 5000lb capacity
  • Wheel Type sixteen inch diameter

Tank Capacities

  • Fuel Tank 26 gallons
  • Hydraulic Oil Tank 20 gallons
  • Epoxy Tank 50 gallons
  • Catalyst Tank 50 gallons

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  • Make/Model Hatz 3L41C
  • Cylinders Three
  • Horsepower Forty-two

Product Pump

  • Make/Model Graco duro-flow-1200, ratio adjustable, hydraulically powered

Tank Heaters

  • Make/Model: Chromalox 241-054269-010


  • Make/Model Marathon Electric 333CSB3024
  • KVA 15
  • Volts 240/120
  • Amps 62.15/125
  • Ground Negative


  • Make/Model Optima batteries 800U
  • VDC 12
  • CCA 800
  • Reserve Capacity 120 minutes