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600ml Manual Extended Applicator

Designed for:

  • Rail changeout and tie repair projects.


  • Manufactured with high strength steel


  • Light, durable and portable.
  • Easy to use and cost effective.
  • Ergonomically designed, easy to use trigger actuated drive develops 600 lbs of force.
  • The applicator and mixer offer easy ground level use, very little product waste.

1:1 ratio expanding compound

The most reliable, cost effective spike hole filling compound in the industry. Designed for spot tie repair.


  • A 1:1 ratio expanding compound that greatly reduces the amount of compound needed
  • Material density is matched to a hardwood tie @ 45-55 lbs/sq ft, and will not damage the tie, unlike competitor’s material which is harder than a wood crosstie
  • Maintains superior spike retention and track gauge as proven in the field and in independent testing
  • Yields 30 to 35 spike holes per cartridge
  • Can be applied in low temperatures
  • Packaged with 12 cartridges per case