What are your crosstie repair needs?

Machines and compounds for steel gangs on wood and concrete ties.

Machines and compounds for tie gangs on wood ties.

Tools and compounds for welding crews on wood ties.

Choose the only developer of both equipment and compounds.

We've made a habit of introducing revolutionary equipment and compounds that are engineered to extend the life of wood and concrete crossties. Our compounds are developed in labs and tested in the field to ensure the highest quality and greatest value for our customers. Our line of equipment increases safety and productivity and decreases costs for MOW gangs.

The safest and most reliable equipment in the industry

Our tie plugging equipment has proven reliability, while increasing operator safety and improving productivity.

Ride-On Tie Pluggers:
Reliable and safe high-speed compound application to both concrete and wood ties.

Steel Gang Walk Behind Tie Plugger:
Versatile and light-weight for small gangs.

Skid Mounted Tie Plugger:
Portable for maintenance or smaller production gangs requiring less plugging performance.

Steel Gang Walk Behind Epoxy Applicator:
Quickly and safely repairs rail-seat area on concrete ties reduced manpower requirements.

Track Mounted Walk Behind Tie Plugger:
Light weight with dual gun boom, ideal for small gangs.

Tie plugging compounds that hold tight, keep you in gage and save you money.

Our spike hole epoxy and foam compounds are the most reliable and cost effective in the industry.

Our machine grade 1:1 Ratio Expanding Tie Plugging Compound is designed for tie plugging equipment that utilizes modern meter-mix dispensing technology to provide a consistent quality of 35-40 pounds-per-cubic foot of spike hole filling compound for wood and composite crossties. The 1:1 ratio greatly reduces the amount of compound needed, and can reduce material costs in excess of 60%.

Our applicator tie plugging compound is designed for small repair jobs on wood or composite cross and switch ties where track and screw spikes have been used. The 1:1 ratio expanding polyurethane greatly reduces the amount of compound needed.

We also offer high-viscosity epoxy for rail-seat abrasion repair, and our revolutionary SpeedSet® UV light curing epoxy for in field repair and preventative applications in concrete tie plants.